Annual Report 2021

Annual Report 2021 of KHCP
...Also in 2021 COVID-19-travel- and contact restrictions made some of our usual campaigns impossible. Nevertheless we all do our very best, as well the KHCP try to keep the activities alive. Despite we could raised a total of about 118.650 €uro € and – like in all the previous years – these funds will be or already are swiftly allocated to their purpose. We hereby thank our supporters from our very hearts. Due to COVID-19 we have modified our campaigns and processes. Along the inflows in our monasteries and institutions we have tried to support actively the COVID-affected and poor or old people around the monasteries.

14th KHCP Medical Camp Kagyu Monlam Rumtek 2021

Dec.08-14, 2021: ...Again this year for the 2nd time the Kagyu community of Karmae Sangha Rumtek (Shamarpa´s school) hired professional doctor and nurses to provide free medical checkups and healthcare for participants in the Monlam as well as the local population.
So we are very happy to get fulfilled the continuity of the Monlam medical camp history of KHCP - Karmapa´s Healthcare Project for the 14th time.

KHCP-Medicalcamp Matepani 20211102

KHCP-Medicalcamp at Matepani Pokhara/Nepal
Nov. 02, 2021: The monks of Karma Dhubgyu Chokhorling Monastery Matepani organized a KHCP-Medical Medicalcamp in Pokhara/Nepal...

KHCP-COVID-19 support in Kathmandu 20210701

KHCP/White Grain Foundation-COVID-19 support in Kathmandu/Nepal
May-July, 2021: COVID-19 Support for Sharminub Buddhist Center Raniban in Kathmandu...Ambulance Van of Indian Red Cross Society in Kalimpong...Several high flow oxygen devices for isolation Center Swayambhu and other sites. Home isolation kits for remote areas of Nepal and monasteries ...some cases of COVID infections could be medicated... some are already discharged from hospital...

COVID-19 Self-Isolation Guidelines

COVID-19 Self-Isolation Instructions
Dear friends in the monasteries in Nepal and India,
we just received this informations of HAPSA Nepal / Alliance Covid Nepal through Magda Jung in Kathmandu. Please read and watch it carefully and profoundly and forward it to others. Hang-up the posters on your black boards. Please request and use the KHCP budgets for every useful prevention and if possible PLEASE get the COVID-vaccination - finally it is the only option to avoid an infection with potentialy stronger processes...

KHCP-COVID-19 support at Karmapa´s Birthday 20210506

KHCP-COVID-19 support at Karmapa´s Birthday
May 6, 2021: Dearest Gyalwa Karmapa, from the bottom of our heart we wish you a Happy Birthday, Health and Long Life.
Once - in a moment we were not sure which campaign to do next - we asked you and you answered ’Do what the people need!’.
In this sense the KHCP - Karmapa Healthcare Project transferred on your behalf 20.000 €uro for COVID-19-campaigns to ‘Aktionsbündnis Katastrophenhilfe’ which is an joint project of .....

Annual Report 2020

Annual Report 2020 of KHCP
...Despite COVID lockdowns we could raised a total of about 126.372 €uro and... With different reliefs in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Kalimpong, Rumtek, Sharminub and diverse villages in Darjeeling and Sikkim we could serve food, masks and desinfection stuff...Instead the KHCP-Monlam-Medical-Camp 2020 had been successful again in Rumtek/Sikkim. So this year the Kagyu community of Karmae Sangha Rumtek (Shamarpa´s school) hired professional doctor and nurses to provide free medical checkups and healthcare for participants in the Monlam as well as the local population.

Medicalcamp Bodhgaya 2021-02

KHCP-Medicalcamp at Dhargye Chokhor Ling Monastery in Bodhgaya/India
Febr. 22, 2021: All lamas and monks of Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche and Beru Kyentse Rinpoche organized a KHCP-health checkup at Karmapa Temple in Bodhgaya...

COVID-19 Relief Tintek Sikkim 2020-12

COVID-19 KHCP Relief in Tintek, East Sikkim, India, 2020-12
Dec.02,2020: "Hi Pia n Peter. We went these two places for COVID help.. One is Old Age Home and one is school where there is underPrivileged children study.. They both were having shortage of basic needs due to COVID crisis, so we provided some food items at„LEE AAL Old Age Home and mattresses at school.. It was so nice experience visiting there...thank you"
We hereby like to thank our dharma friends of Karmae Sangha Rumtek for organizing and realizing this relief.