COVID-19 Self-Isolation Guidelines

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COVID-19 Self-Isolation Guidelines

May 23, 2021

Dear friends in the monasteries in Nepal and India,
we just received this informations of Ayush Gurung of HAPSA Nepal / Alliance Covid Nepal through Magda Jung in Kathmandu.

Please read and watch this post carefully and profoundly and forward it to others. Hang-up the posters on your black boards.

End of 2020/21 the KHCP - Karmapa's Healthcare Project e.V. already transfered the healthcare budgets 2021 to the diverse bank accounts of your monasteries.

  • Please request and use this budgets for every useful prevention and if possible PLEASE get the COVID-vaccination - finally it is the only option to avoid an infection with potentialy stronger processes.
  • COVID-test kits gives only a momentary state of you health - but after testing you might become infected at the nect corner - you never know the state of the one you meet.
  • Inside rooms one infected person would breath out the dangerous aerosols and this fillup the air your all breath in. So please purify every room you use with others by open the windows to blow through as often as possible.
  • And lockdown means everybody in your monastery has not to leave or let enter (including staff like cook or food deliverer etc.).
    A cook i.e. goes home - meet an infected person on the way home - come back on the next morning - prepares the meal for the habitants and serve the virus over the salad, the plates, the cups or any of the plenty contacts of the things ... or directly through the air!

Best by Pia and Peter Cerveny, KHCP

Thanks to Magda Jung / White Grain Foundation for their hard-working and tireless campaigns and cooperation with KHCP in Kathmandu.

COVID-19 Poster Self-Isolation Guidelines.pdf  (11.66MB)


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"Dear Pia and Peter,
I just received the following email from our team. If you have email database for our Monasteries and contacts, please send to all of them and ask to watch, including filling the form.

They are working on separate training for monasteries directly, but this one is very useful already. "

Best by Magda Jung

Email of Ayush Gurung of HAPSA Nepal / Alliance Covid Nepal:

"Hello Everyone,

We are so glad that you have participated in the Covid-19 Nepal Isolation/Surge center Trainer of Trainers Course hosted by HAPSA Nepal in partnership with Covid Alliance Nepal.

Thank you for supporting our event by attending and contributing. We hope that you enjoyed the experience and have received beneficial information.

Before we send out the certificates please make sure that you have filled the Feedback and Post test forms (Mandatory). If not, the links to fill the forms are given below.
  1. Post Test :

  2. Feedback :

  3. Pre-test :

  4. Youtube link of Video tutorial:

If you did not take part in the training, and want a certificate, please do the following:

  1. Do the Pre-test
  2. Watch the Youtube video
  3. Fill out the Post test
  4. Fill out the Feedback

If you do this in the next 2 days, we can provide you with the certificate.

Ayush Gurung
HAPSA Nepal / Alliance Covid Nepal



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