Nunnery Rumtek - Karma Chokhor Dechen Ling

Karma Chokhor Dechen Ling - Karmapa´s nunnery in Rumtek/Sikkim/India


Since 2005 supported by KHCP - Karmapa´s Healthcare Project

Late Ani Karma Chontso, Ani Minjur and other five nuns left Tibet by food in 1959.The seven nuns came to India and some years worked on India road gang to support themselves. After that stay in one nunnery in Dhala woser. H.H.16th Karmapa call them to a nunnery in Bhumthang (Bhutan) and stay 10 years. After that the 16th Karmapa call them to Rumtek. The nuns first stayed in a small house near the monastery, but with growing nunbers request was made to Karmapa for a new nunnery. Eventually the land where the nunnery now stands was given and Ani Late, Ani Karma Chontso and late Ani Wozer traveled around India to raise the funds for building. The nunnery was finally built in1982. All the other buildings were built by the nuns themselves with the assistance of an engineer.

  • Early meeting of KHCP in RumtekEarly meeting of KHCP in RumtekEarly meeting of KHCP in Rumtek


At present we are around 40 nuns living at nunnery. Their ages range from 6 years to 82 years and they came from a range of palces-sikkim,Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and Arnuchal Pradesh (India) at the present nunnery.

We got more knowledege about good health and experinced a lot from this KHCP-project. It enables us to prevent ourselves from terribles diseases before this project. We don't have enough money for medical checkup and buy medicines. But now, this project helps us to solve all such problems in very easy way. So, this KHCP plays a vital role in our life. We would like to thank you so much for supporting us. In future, we will invite three doctors general doctor, dentist and a tibetan doctor, because some of our nuns taking tibetan medicines. Medical health camp we will do twice or onces in a year with your kind support and positive we hopes,you may do continully for us.....) Here ,we are learning english and tibetan subjects. Everyday morning and evening we are doing puja. After class we practicing, religious materials e.t.c and making statues (torma). Sunday is our holiday.
At present, now nunnery responting by Ani Minjurla after that Ani Tsultrim...we are happy healthy by the blessing of you all. We are also praying for your good and soundhealth... thanks a lot for helping... Oh ya!! can you please do sponsor for computer (contact KHCP) ...we need it... thanks a lot...
bye your sincerely Ani Tsultrim and all the nuns.


  • explaining the vision of KHCPexplaining the vision of KHCPexplaining the vision of KHCP
  • since 2009 we offer medical teachings...since 2009 we offer medical teachings...since 2009 we offer medical teachings...
  • ... and medical camps at place... and medical camps at place... and medicalcamps at place



The KHCP provided diverse medical campaigns here. Detailed reports you find on our BLOG.

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