Shri Diwakar Vihara SDV - Shedra Kalimpong

 Karmapas Shedra-monks at Losar Febr. 2010


Shri Diwakar Vihara - Buddhist Research and Educational Institute (Shedra) in Kalimpong/Westbengal

Since 2005 supported by KHCP - Karmapa´s Healthcare Project

The first of its kind in the stunning Queen of Hill.

This unique beautiful institution is located in the 11th Mile Kalimpong, Dist. Darjeeling and it is only a short drive from Kalimpong city which is surrounded by lots of hills.

SDV was founded by HH the 14th Kunzig Shamarpa, Mipham Choki Lodro- truly HH Shamar Rinpoche is an inspiration to each one of us. On 17 of February 2002 the Red and Black Hat Lama of Tibet inaugurated it with appreciation and honour.
Since then SDV has been conducting numerous numbers of monks from many different monasteries and outsiders. The SDV really provides a perfect environment for Buddhist study and contemplation.

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It was established to flourish and promote Himalayan Buddhism in general and Karma Kagyu in particular under the chairmanship of HH the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa, Thinley Thaye Dorji whose main seat is Dharma Chakra Center, Rumtek, Sikkim,India.
Its aim is to serve a repository and a source of the Dharma; form which knowledge, understanding and guidance can be drawn and spread throughout the earth for the benefits of all sentient beings.

Course of study

This institute offers a 7 year course on advance Buddhist philosophies and 3 year course on super advance and profound Buddhist Philosophies. After then the student will received a degree of Khenpo- Master of Art in Buddhist Studies. Furthermore, courses offered are selected from the principal texts of the five subjects studied in four main Tibetan Buddhist monastic collage from all tradition:

  • Perfection of wisdom or Ultimate Knowledge (Prajna Paramita)
  • Middle way Philosophy (Madhyamika)
  • Phenomenology or Buddhist science (Abhi Dharma)
  • Buddhist Logic (Pramana) and Discipline or Moral Ethics (Vinaya).

Besides that students have also opportunity learn Tibetan Grammar, Tibetan Poems and English literature as it's worldwide language in this 21st century.



  • Acharya (Prof.) Sempa Dorji Negi (Principal)
  • Khenchen Chodrak Tenphel (Shri Nalanda University)
  • Khenpo Tsering Samdrup (Shri Nalanda University)
  • Khenpo Losang Tsultrim (Sera Je)
  • Khenpo Wanchen Tsering (Zongsar Institute)
  • Khenpo Tsultrim Gyatso (Vikrama Shila Buddhist Ins.)
  • Gen Jang Chub ( Central Institute of higher Tibetan Studies, Varanasi)
  • English sir and several graduated students from this institute

The monastic society

Presently we have one hundred and twenty four monks and they come from various origins, however mainly Bhutanese, Nepalese, Tibetans, Ladakhs, Sikkimes and so on. They live and study within the institute compound under the guidance of the Administration Board.
A day for a student usually begins with a Morning Prayer session at 6:30 a.m., during which they chant several prayers: such as Manjushree (Deities for Wisdom) and etc. Classes begin at 8 a.m. and conclude at 4: 45 p.m. with time being allocated for self-study. At 6 p.m. the evening prayer session begins, and the Mahakala Puja (to the Guardians for the Buddha's teaching) is recited with traditional Tsurpu musical instruments. With this schedule, the monks are able to combine prayer and study, which are essential element blogsin their spiritual improvement.

  • Shedra Kalimpong SDV officeHere the students edit, translate and archiv the buddhistic textskhcp Shedra Kalimpong SDV office
  • Shedra KalimpongKHCP presenting films about the projectkhcp Shedra Kalimpong


  • Graduation ceremony Shedra KalimpongGraduation ceremonyGraduation ceremony Shedra Kalimpong
  • Shamarpa hands over the diplomasShamarpa hands over the diplomasShamarpa hands over the diplomas
  • Shamarpa and the new KhenposShamarpa and the new KhenposShamarpa and the new Khenpos


The institute has been built under the close supervision of H.H. Shamarpa and it is a three storey building comprising several classrooms, an office and a library. Above it there is a four storey building containing a Shrine Hall on top, and rests are monks' room. It has planned to accommodate 124 monk scholars at presents and can accommodate up to the strength of 200 scholars.

In addition the Karmapa Charitable Trust provides us all the catering and Karmapa Healthcare Project (by Pia and Peter Cerveny, Germany) keeps us healthy.

Admission requirements

Normally, boys around or above the age of eighteen are brought to the institute by their parents who wish for them to be monks. It is vital that the child also desire to be ordained. But here most of the candidates are transferred from our SDV secondary school, Takdah, Darjeeling.
Applicants to the institute have to comply with its entrance standards and regulations. A maximum number of 10 to 20 will be selected each year for ordination and admission. The academic's 1st semester starts on the 1st or 2nd month of Christ Era.

Recent events

On Wednesday, the 24th of February, 2010 was extremely remarkable day for us. It was because our very first graduation ceremony and the eighth anniversary were jointly rejoiced. So now, let me share some more details about the beautiful moment; several days before, we made a bunch of arrangements and at last the day came. So early in the morning all the monks were in their newly, shining Buddhist monk robes and they look very eye-catching.
Around at 10:30 a.m. we welcome our honorable guests from many different places and our chief gusts were our Guru or HH Shamar Rinpoche and Prof. Sempa Dorje- Presently one of the world's most qualified and renowned Buddhist master.
At 11 a.m. we all gathered at Shrine Hall and Khenpo Tsering Samdrub gave a brief introduction and History of this institute. Then HH Shamarpa expresses his deep appreciation and further study advice to the 1st batch's students. Prof. Sempa Dorje also gave a speech on how to carry on the studies and importance of Buddhist education.
At the end, His Holiness granted diplomas or certificates with blessing and Tibetan scarf to all those thirty four students who have successfully completed their study in higher Buddhist Philosophy.
At 12:30 p.m. we had a delicious lunch and around at 1:30 p.m. so many local peoples and outsider were gathered in front of institute complex to get an empowerment of Buddha Amitayus (Buddha Limitless Life of Buddha of Longevity) from HH the 14th Shamarpa. During the initiation several govt. officials were also arrived to received the blessing of Holiness. At the middle in empowerment we -graduated students- offered three big Mandala offering to Holiness Karmapa, HH Shamarpa and Institute as a gratitude for everything. (I guess approx. more than one thousand devotees have come to receive the blessing.)


In the evening, we had an august musical extravaganza which is to put up not first to feast year eyes but also to spread a moral of 'Unity in Diversity", because that program was an amalgamation of variety of cultures: such as Tibetan in Lion dance, Bhutanese flock dance, Sikkimes & Nepalese cultural shows, so on and together we were spreading the idea of love, peace and compassion.

However, we had a really great time and we'll surly cherish it forever and ever. We, the post graduated students humbly believe that whatever we are today is because of our great gurus, parents and to all those who support us intentionally or unintentionally. So of course, all the credit goes to (the beautiful peoples) them and they'll always remain in our prayers.

Original-text written by Karma Tsondru Dhargay


KHCP-Medical-Camps in Kalimpong/India

Since 2005 the KHCP-Karmapa´s Healthcare Project provided diverse medical camps at the Shedra in Kalimpong.
Performing vaccinations, dermatologic check-ups, general check-ups, medical exercises and teachings, as well as dental check-up of all monks and the various treatment needs: extractions, fillings, professional tooth cleaning and fluoride application.
In addition, all monks got instruction in proper oral hygiene, and for the very first time in the history of the KHCP Dental Cares, controlled application of a fluoride varnish was performed to optimally protect the monks’ teeth against carious disease.
After having completed the dental treatments on monks, we extended our therapy to lay people and civilians.

In between the students themself organized their annual dental check-ups supported by KHCP.

  • KHCP-team and the students of Shedra KalimpongKHCP-team and the students of Shedra (Buddh.University) of KalimpongKHCP-team and the students of Shedra Kalimpong


  • KHCP Basical checkupsBasical checkupsKHCP Basical checkups
  • KHCP Dental treatments - one of the two working unitsDental treatments - one of the two working unitsKHCP Dental treatments - one of the two working units
  • KHCP Dental instructions and exercisesDental instructions and exercisesKHCP Dental instructions and exercises



Detailed medical reports you find on our BLOG.

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