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Since 2005 supported by KHCP - Karmapa Healthcare Project

Karmae Sanga Rumtek (Monastic School of Shamar Rinpoche) in Sikkim/India

"Yeah! About special events here we have like great Mahakala puja for 8 nights and 8 days on the month of February. After that we celebrate Tibetan new year for one week and then we do Long Life puja for 5 days every year.
Every morning we do Green Tara Puja at 5.00 am, in the afternoon we do short Mahakala puja every day.
On the 29.th day of every month we do whole day long Mahakala puja.
If there is special request from sponsor we do puja for decease person and as well being puja for sponsor. We have holiday on Sunday and half day off on Saturday on Saturday we monks do clean our rooms and our area of Monastery and take bath. On Sunday we play sports like football, cricket, volleyball etc.
But we have to do Green Tara and short Mahakala puja daily even in Saturday and Sunday. If there is great Kagyud Monlam Puja in Bodha Gaya, we the monks from Rumtek have to go before one month for prepare Torma etc. I think that's all we have special events in Rumtek so far.
About weather here we have 4 seasons in our place we have to face plenty of rain in the summer and winter is not that cold we have no snow at our place but there are snow in some places in Sikkim, it is best time to visit our place for tourist is in the month of march, April, and October,November the best seasons, that's all for now. If you want anything please do write me. I am always here to share our feelings with you, bye.
With many greeting, Choltem (Mama)"

  • Karmae Sanga RumtekShamarpas school in Rumtek (1800m asl)

    Karmae Sanga Rumtek
  • Karmae Sanga RumtekThe school becomes KHCP-member in 2005Karmae Sanga Rumtek


  • Mahakala Puja Karmae Sanga RumtekMahakala PujaMahakala Puja Karmae Sanga Rumtek
  • The students and the KHCP-medical team after medical camp 2012 RumtekThe students and the KHCP-medical team after medical camp 2012The students and the KHCP-medical team after medcamp 2012 Karmae Sanga Rumtek



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