Dhubgyu Chokhorling Monastery Pokhara

Dhubgyu Chokhorling Manang Monastery, Matepani Gumpa, Pokhara/Nepal
Lama Nyedon Rinpoche
(since 2012 supported by KHCP)

Brief History of Nyeshang Monastery (Manang Monastery)

In 1959 Lama Jigme and a group of his followers from Nyeshang went to Sikkim to consult His Holiness the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa, Ranjung Rigpe Dorje about Nyeshang in Nepal. During this time His Holiness advised Lama Jigme to built a monastery in Pokhara, Nepal. His Holiness cited that in Pokhara, Matepani is an auspicious site as the sword used by King Ling Derma to destroy all evil Kings in Tibet was lost in Pokhara. It was also predicted that by building a monastery here will benefit all future generations of practitioners. Lama Jigme commissioned the task to built a monastery, using only raw materials like stone and mud. Upon completion, the monastery was hand over to Nyeshang Communitiy. The monastery was without a Lama and not spared by the impending weather that causes much wear and tear. The Nyeshand Communitiy decided to offer the monastery to His Holiness the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa and named the monastery "Karma Dubgyu Choling". His Holiness appointed Lama Nyedon Rinpoche as his envoy to Karma Dubgyu Choling Monastery in 1982. Lama Nyedon Rinpoche was welcomed with a big celebration and was enthrone as the Head of the monastery, taking over leadership and administrative affairs. At present, the monastery is under the care of Lama Nyedon Rinpoche with about 75 lamas.

Questionnaire after the 2015 earthquake:
- no fatalities or injureies during the earthquake
Number of inhabitants: 75 monks and 4 employees live in the monastery

Medical and social situation:
The monastery is extremely clean. During our examinations, we discovered that dental hygiene was very good, and only two people need to see a dentist. All are healthy, exercise regularly and the person in charge of health and hygiene is very much in charge of the task. All inhabitants have been treated with medication for worm infections. It has been planned to conduct vaccinations. In order to avoid that medication be paid for by each individual, the KHCP has decided to provide an annual fund to cover the cost.
There are some problems regarding regular access to clean water. It is for this reason that a reservoir is being built at the spring in order to provide water for the monastery. The KHCP will consult Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche regarding this matter to discuss the support that can be provided.
Nyedon Rinpoche informs us that the financial situation is no longer sufficient as they are solely funded through the local community, which is now itself economically affected by the destruction of the earthquake. He also laments that, due to his low proficiency in English, he has been unable to attract bigger sponsors from the West.

Although he has undergone an extensive monastic education, he never received instruction in English. The KHCP will get in touch with Rinpoche and we will see what we can do.

Building condition:
The damage caused to the monastery is minimal and has already been fixed. It only included minor scratches that had to be painted over.

After the 2015 earthquake::
As previously mentioned, Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche received 20.000 EURO from the KHCP to cover the cost of health care for 2015/16. Aid will be paid as part of this sum.

  • The KHCP-medical team 2011First visit of the KHCP-medical team in 2011The KHCP-medical team 2011

  • KHCP-screenings for the youngsterKHCP-screenings for the youngsterKHCP-screenings for the youngster
  • KHCP-health teachingsKHCP-health teachingsKHCP-health teachings
  • The KHCP-medical teamFinal group photoThe KHCP-medical team


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