International Karma Kagyu Meeting #3 Monlam Bodhgaya 2017

The KHCP-team is thankful for this 3rd invitation and will attend this event
by our doctors Rinchen (Nepal) and Haußecker (Germany).

Letter Invitation Monlam 2017




The next Monlam medical camp will be our in Bodhgaya and it will take place within Dec.13-21, 2017.
Doctors, nurses, physio therapists and other volunteers can get in touch with our team directly at place.
A professional photographer is still needed and should contact us before.
See you soon!    

Any travel costs and expenses for western volunteers are paid privately.

All activities are carried out voluntarily and the donations are forwarded directly to Karmapa’s monks, nuns and accordingly to KHCP projects in Asia.

To enable the next Monlam Medical Camp
the project is looking for donors (for medicine).


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