COVID-19: KHCP cooperations and campaigns

COVID-19: KHCP cooperations and campaigns
April-August, 2020

KHCP-Karmapa´s Healthcare Project shares and supports diverse campaigns with monasteries, schools, orphanages and organisations in India/Nepal to help affected people of the coronavirus.


KHCP DONATION LISTING (last update Aug 20, 2020)

1000€ Diwakar Buddhist Academy (Shedra) Kalimpong COVID19-relief campaign of Diwakar Buddhist Academy (Shedra) Kalimpong and KHCP on 2nd Birthday of H.E.Thugsey Jigme Chokyi Trinley
1000€ Kagyu Sangha Rumtek COVID19-relief campaign of KHCP and Kagyu Sangha Rumtek on 2nd Birthday Commemorations of of H.E.Thugsey Jigme Chokyi Trinley
2000€ Sharminub Retreat Center Raniban/Kathmandu (Shamar Rinpoche) KHCP Food for 100 Poor People / 14Days at Sharminub KTM on Karmapa´s Birthday.

Association Khyenkong Tharjay Manju
Bodhgaya/India (Beru Khyentse Rinpoche)  

Health budget for Bodhgaya Clinic

2000€  Jangchub Choeling Monastery - Pokhara/Nepal (Dupseng Rinpoche)  Budget for afflicted families around the monastery


B.I.A. Foundation Disabled (Chogyal Rinpoche)

Health budget for Chogyal Rinpoche´s disabled near Boudhanat
Also they used it for buying masks for police staff and medical teams

for new Mattresses
1000€ B.I.A. Foundation Orphanage (Chogyal Rinpoche) Health budget for Chogyal Rinpoche´s Orphanage at Swayambhu/Kathmandu
Street Dog Care e.V. in Kathmandu/Nepal Animal Healthcare and Food 

800€ White Grain Foundation Kathmandu/Nepal 3 days food for 1000 people

     1500€ White Grain Foundation Kathmandu/Nepal Food Poor People KTM
500+500€ White Grain Foundation Kathmandu/Nepal Support Animal Health Care KTM
200€  Apple Umail
and food via via Magda Jung (White Grain)
Animal Feeding at Boudhanath stupa and Swayambhu stupa Kathmandu: 300 kg of rice, which fed our close to 1,000 dogs per day for a whole week!
1000€ Girls Empowered By Travel Assoc. via
PaBitra Majhi
 Food Poor People/Pragnant Women


KHCP Karmapa Healthcare Project transfered 1000€ (87.000 INRupees) for the following joint COVID19-relief campaign on the 2nd Birthday Commemorations of H.E. Thugsey-la in Rumtek. Report of Kagyu Rumtek Sangha:
„11th August, 2020 marked the auspicious occasion of the 2nd Birthday of H.E.Thugsey Jigme Chokyi Trinley and was commemorated with various traditional offerings: commencing with a smoke puja, followed by a Mandala ceremony, and offerings of white scarfs, and finally with the symbolic serving of traditional saffron rice and butter-tea at the portrait of Thugsey-la early in the morning. Thereafter, a collective initiative to commemorate the auspiciousness of the occasion was organized by Karmapa Charitable Trust, Kagyu Monlam Trust, Nyolo Nendo Foundation, Karmapa Health Care Project, Rey Katen Namgyalling Monastery, and Rumtek Nunnery to distribute essential items to 108 needy families of five villages at Rumtek - Bangathang village, Chinzey village, Timpyam village, Mindu village, and Rey village. The following list of the essential items were distributed to needy families are Rice 25 kg, Potato 10 kg, Cooking oil 5 litters, Atta 5 kg, Red Dal 5 kg, Onion 5 kg, Sugar 3 kg, Salt 2 kg Tea leafs 1 kg to each family. Besides, in keeping with the day’s observances, various timely initiatives was also carried out such as distributing hygienic items at local government offices and agencies like the police stations, SBI Bank, Panchayat office, and others.“

Sharminub InstituteSharminub Institute providing food


Sharminub Retreat Center Raniban/Kathmandu
(Shamar Rinpoche)

2000€ KHCP food for 100 poor people/14 days at Sharminub KTM on Karmapa´s Birthday.
Thanks to all monks of Sharminub realizing this action.

Association Khyenkong Tharjay Manju in Bodhgaya/India
(Beru Khyentse Rinpoche)  

2500€ Health budget by KHCP for Bodhgaya Clinic.
Thanks to Dr. Regis Proust and team at place.

1st June 2020:
"Dear Pia and Peter . Since 10 weeks we help poor people near Bodhgaya who is hungry. Today helping 200 families into a village near Mahakala cave . Kind regards . Dr. Regis"
4. June 2020:
"Thank you very much Pia and Peter for your good help and encouraging. It’s precious in that difficult time for poor people around Bodhgaya (very near).
We are helping now most of 200 families during 10 weeks and our Indians friends helping and buying food will wish we continue in June because people don’t find immediately work when lockdown finish ( June 8 Th ) . Association Khyenkong Tharjay give now 400 Euros / week and doctors friends individually give 250 / 300 / week . In total not less than 650 Euros . It will be better .
Perhaps some donors will be interested helping us in that difficult moment of pandemic and consequences.? Thank you Pia and Peter and Karmapa Healthcare friends
Yours ... Regis"

KHCP have sent further 2000€ to Association Khyenkong Tharjay for supporting this campaigns.

Sharminub InstituteSharminub Institute providing food

Association Khyenkong TharjayAssociation Khyenkong Tharjay providing food

Association Khyenkong TharjayAssociation Khyenkong Tharjay providing food


B.I.A. Foundation in Kathmandu/Nepal
(Chogyal Rinpoche)

KHCP transfered 1000€ for Chogyal Rinpoche´s Sershang Orphanage at Swayambhu/Kathmandu.

Letter of Methok (Admin):
"...Thank you Pia and Peter. This means a lot to us. The children are fine and safe."

And another 1000€ for his disabled near Boudhanat.

Also they used it for buying masks for police staff and medical teams.

BIA Foundation 20 May at 16:27 · Facebook Post
"Today BIA Foundation handed over 1500 pieces of masks to Senior Superintendent of Police Bhim Prasad Dhakal, Chief of Nepal Traffic Police with the support of KHCP."

26 May at 08:51 · Published on Facebook Post
Letter of BIA Foundation to KHCP:
"Today we supported one blind family who has not been able to pay his rent in Kathmandu by pay his rent of last two month and by also buying his food sufficiently for two month.
This support is also from the support you sent. We still have few money left. With that money we plan to but sanitizer and to distribute it to the first like worker like, medical person, media and security person."

GirlsEmpowerTravelNepal 14Sershang Orphanage SwayambhuBIA disabled1500 pieces of masks for Police
corona BIA disabled matratzen 1
New mattresses


Jangchub Choeling Monastery - Pokhara/Nepal (Dupseng Rinpoche) 

The monks of JCM forwarded the KHCP-budget of 2000€ / about 260.000 NRupees to afflicted families around the monastery.

Dupseng Rinpoche JCM


Street Dog Care e.V. in Kathmandu/Nepal
8 April at 05:16
"Today is the 16th day of lockdown. We got 25 big packs of dog food donated by KHCP and Pia and Peter.
They also believe that health care starts with food for the animals and they are happy if the dogs make people happy and are healthy.
We are very grateful to KHCP and Pia and Peter for donating these big packs of food. The dogs are very grateful. We are also very thankful to everyone for feeding the dogs in your area.
If you need food for dogs in your area. You can contact us @9813379811. We can provide you the food for the dogs.
Thank you everyone for your support.?❤️

GirlsEmpowerTravelNepal 14


GirlsEmpowerTravelNepal 14
GirlsEmpowerTravelNepal 14
GirlsEmpowerTravelNepal 14


White Grain Foundation in Kathmandu/Nepal

KHCP transfered in sum 2800€ for diverse campaigns in Kathmandu:
Mainly food for poor people and for supporting animal health care.

Magda Jung 20 May at 15:47 · Facebook Post
"Thanks to donations from KHCP-Karmapas Healthcare Project that went through White Grain Foundation we were able to provide lot of food for animals of Swayambhu, free hot meals for people from Swayambhu ward and food delivery for many families in Sarlahi and Ramkot district.
Thank you so much for amazing support!
Wonderful team work."

White Grain Foundation was founded to be able to support Nepal in three main fields: education of underprivileged and orphan children, healthcare support and preserving buddhist culture.

White Grain Foundation


White Grain Foundation
White Grain Foundation
White Grain Foundation


Apple Umali´s animal feeding in Kathmandu

KHCP have sent money via Whitegrain-account for Apple´s animal feeding at Boudhanat stupa and Swayambhu stupa Kathmandu.

"Great job to all of our dedicated team in Dalkhu! Thank you all for your hardwork everyday. Our feeding continues while protecting the frontliners for the animals.

Thank you to all of our wonderful donors for the PPEs and for helping us supply our food pantry to feed the animals!!?❤️

Jean Ro Eileen Arora Michael Contreras José Alberto Pérez Debra Couch Talia Jaya Arica Silas Holley Vani Khanna-Sobralske Anna Sribumpen Waldemar Zielonka Arien Lundin Peggy Haga Claudia Neumann Nico Herlea Waraksa Patricia Bern Erica Arteaga Lisbeth Segura Pia Cerveny

And a BIG thank you to KHCP Karmapa Healthcare Project for donating 300 kg of rice, which fed our close to 1,000 dogs per day for a whole week! May we all continue to work for all sentient beings ?❤️ "

animal feeding in Kathmanduxx
animal feeding in Kathmandu


animal feeding in Kathmandu
animal feeding in Kathmandu
animal feeding in Kathmandu


GIRLS EMPOWERED BY TRAVEL is an initiative aimed to empower girls around the world through travel and community service. and it is a global network.

PaBitra Majhi is in Chandranagar, Sarlahi.
23 April at 10:50
This is how we celebrated our Mother’s Day by distributing Food Packages to our 80 Mothers? #Covid_relief #Sarlahi #Food_distribution #Mothers_Day

Thank you so much to all the generous people for supporting us to provide the groceries for 60 women from our Adult Literacy Education Campaign Saahasi - The Brave Women in Ishworpur Municipality, Sarlahi.
World Food Programme has reported on Food Crises resulted from the COVID-19. But let's be together to fight this hunger. Especially women and children are suffering a lot from this crisis. Therefore, We are now preparing to provide nutritional food for Pregnant women and New mothers.
We are still looking for your generous support. You can message me directly to support the needy people.
Thank you, PaBitra Majhi (Board Secretary at Girls Empowered by Travel-Nepal)

Due to this long period of lockdown, pregnant women and new mothers from economically backward communities in Terai region are extremely affected by the lack of sufficient nutritional food. Therefore we GET team worked so hard to raise the fund and thankfully some generous people and organisation believed and supported us to make it happen.
We have recently distributed nutritional food package to the 100 pregnant and new mothers of ward-12, Bagmati Municipality in Sarlahi .Each of the women have received following nutritional food package.

KHCP transfered 1000€ over PaBitra Majhi for their diverse campaigns in India.

GirlsEmpowerTravelNepal 14 
GirlsEmpowerTravelNepal 14 
GirlsEmpowerTravelNepal 14


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