Sangey Choeling Monastery in Kimdol,Swayambhu/Nepal


Director: Lopön Tsechu Rinpoche

Since Nov. 2015 supported by KHCP - Karmapa´s Healthcare Project

After the earthquake in 2015 we found a sponsor for the annually health supply.
As long we have this donor, the monastery will be part of the KHCP.
For further and more extent services every small donation is welcome.

Questionnaire after the 2015 earthquake

- no fatalities or injuries during the earthquake
Number of Inhabitants: Approximately 100 monks, a few nuns and 8 employees live in the monastery.

Medical conditions:

It was the first time the KHCP visited this site and we will try to integrate the monastery into the KHCP in the future.
Almost all of the young monks have bad teeth, fungal infections on the head and other parts of the body, as well as problems with basic hygiene. They have no regular medical care provision and there appears to be a lack of responsibility taken to address this. Several acute and chronic illnesses were diagnosed.
Starting immediately, all affected can be treated in Dhulikel Hospital.

Donation Account

Account holder: KHCP e.V.
Bank: Deutsche Postbank AG
IBAN: DE66 2001 0020 0012 2252 01

Or donate one-time or monthly directly here
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Altogether, 42 people were examined. KHCP physician, Dr. Sonam taught the young monks about healthcare and dental hygiene and they were given medication to treat their worm infections. He will also take care of the monks’ vaccinations and organise a visit of a team of dentists from Dhulikhel.

Building conditions:
Only minor damages to the monastery. The Gompa is affected. An engineer has not visited the site yet to evaluate the safety of the building. For this reason, the monks are currently using the dining room for their pujas.
Out of fear, the monks are sleeping in tents.
In 2015 the Sangey Choeling Monastery received €7,000 to cover the costs of health care and rebuilding.


  • KHCP Medical Camp
    KHCP Medical Camp
  • KHCP Medical Screenings by Dr. AngelikaScreenings by Dr. Angelika
    KHCP Medical Screenings by Dr. Angelika
  • KHCP Medical Teachings by Dr. SonamMedical teachings by Dr. Sonam
    KHCP Teachings by Dr. Sonam